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At WMP Reviews, we know the importance of reviews. After an author pours their blood, sweat and sanity into their novel, they deserve a pat on the back or a ‘Way to go!’.  WMP Reviews is a division of Words Matter Publishing. At WMP we want all authors, traditionally published, or independently published to have a chance at a review from award winning author, Shannon Simpson. She will respond to you personally with a review that will show encouragement as well as give you an idea on where you can improve.


We won’t tell you how to critique your work, but we will give you an honest review on the five main categories readers notice about a prospective book. The first thing a perspective reader sees is the cover design. If the cover is dull, the book may not stand out amongst other more eye-catching covers. If the cover catches the eye, the prospective reader will pick it up and read the back blurb.


Concept is the second category a perspective reader looks for. If your book has a tired overdone concept, it won’t matter how amazing your cover is, the reader won’t purchase your book.


Once you have your concept down for your book, it’s time for the plot and subplot. First thing you have to do is decide if your book is going to be plot driven or character driven. A great concept can fall flat if your plot and subplot don’t flow with it.


The fourth category is the development of your characters. The reader needs to relate to your characters. If they don’t connect to them, no matter how good your storyline is, if your characters are underdeveloped, your story will fall flat.


The most important category is entertainment level. If the reader doesn’t enjoy reading your story, they won’t finish. They buy your book with the intention of escaping into a place they’ve never been. You want them to hate to finish the book but want to in order to know what happens to the character’s they have come to love.

Shannon will review your book with these categories in mind.

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How it works!