9th Bridge 9


Marc Townsend


Reading the "9th Bridge", is stepping into a world you don't want to leave. Main character Marian is the reluctant hero, one we have empathy with as he goes from contest to contest to become owner of the 9th Bridge and all riches that it entails. Marc Townsend has built a place where only the strong can dwell. A place we will want to visit again and again. We hope he will continue on because one book is not enough.  Paula Mariam Winters knew he would do anything for his family, even if it meant going to Bridgetown. Despite all his family's heady warnings of the town. But things did happen to Miriam in Bridgetown, things that he would never forget, friends were found, and bonds were forged that meant everything to him. 9th Bridge shows us how working together and creating bonds with one another is the way that it should be. Taking a fiction story and letting it shape our everyday lives. -Michelle