A Shade of Vampire

Bella Forrest

Cover Design Simple but intriguing. I flipped it over to read the back blurb. It sounded promising. The cover didn’t really jump out at me. Had I not seen the sponsored add, I doubt I’d have ever read the books blurb. 2 stars.

Character Development– Bella Forrest describes her characters as you meet them. Dorian’s seventeen and unexciting. She’s described in a way that you find nothing great about her. In some ways she will appeal to the reader and even may be someone  some readers can identify with. Derek is pale creature who drinks blood. He’s your normal vampire. There is nothing about him that most other vampires don’t have. Vampire novels are a dime a dozen. For the characters to be new and unique they need to be more than a pale fast vampire. 2 stars

Concept-Bella Forrest’s Concept was unusual. Her vampires live in a place called The Shade, an island where the sun doesn’t shine. Her vampire prince kidnaps Sofia who eventually joins his harem. Sofia comes to find she’s safer in his quarters over anywhere else. Considering this vampire has a harem, which is ridiculous in this day and age. 1 Star

Plot/Sub-Plot– The plot of A Shade of Vampire is dull for the most part. Thankfully book one isn’t very long. Maybe that was a good thing, maybe it was bad. Tin many ways I found the plot repetitive to other vampire novels. I’ve read. The subplot, the developing love between Sofia and Derek is the only appealing part of this book. She manages to break through Derek’s barriers to show him love is better than a harem. 1 star

Entertainment Level– Was I entertained with this book? Not really I couldn’t wait to finish it. Things began to pick up as I got to the end. It was like Bella Forest had finally figured out what she want4ed to write and suddenly ended the story. 2 stars