Abi and the Boy Next Door Book 1 Texas High Series


Kelsie Stelting


Cover Design- The problem I had with the cover was the model on the front. She doesn’t look like she weighs 212 pounds. If you are writing a book about an overweight woman, the picture on the front should show a woman of that size. Upon seeing a picture of the author, I think maybe she was the model for the cover. Even so the woman is too small. The bright yellow behind her is eye catching. Would I have picked this up in a bookstore? Maybe. It would depend on all that was beside it. The photo used on the Facebook post was what got my attention. Going off it I would say 5 stars, but I am doing the actual cover. 2 stars. Concept- The idea of a plus size girl and the hot boy isn’t exactly unheard of in books. However, the back story of Abi and why she has suddenly moved in with the grandmother she hasn’t seen in years is a new spin on it. When I heard what had happened to her, I was appalled and angry. I wanted to go after her parents and give them the same treatment they gave her. Having the plus size girl with this horrible secret live just down the street from the hot boy and have his parents and her grandmother already friends was a welcome change. 5 STARS Plot and subplot – This is where it gets interesting. Normally I prefer a character driven plot. I love dialogue. Details are over done in so many books. When I am reading, I care more about what is being said between the characters than what clothes they are wearing or how the room looked. If these things have no actually bearing on the story why waste time with them? That being said the plot of this book isn’t the feelings Abi has for the hot guy. It’s the feelings Abi has for herself. As a plus size woman I have felt the same way she has. I connected with her immediately. I’m not saying women and girls of all sizes can’t connect with her, just that I did. The sub plot is the attraction she feels for Jon. 5 STARS Character Development- Kelsie has a way of writing her characters in a way you not only can relate to them, but you feel as if this is you or someone you know. Having it in first person so the reader can hear the thoughts of Abi, only endures the reader to her more. Everyone, whether plus size or not, has had self esteem issues. Boots that didn’t fit but suddenly do. It’s a small victory but everyone has known that kind of feeling be it boots, jeans or any other article of clothing. Jon is not just the kind boy next door character but also the jock of track not football. That is a welcome change. He is kind and has a secret of his own that he can bond with Abi over. Even though they are friends, they don’t hang out in school. Abi has a unique group of friends who get her into some trouble but are also there when she needs them the most. Jon doesn’t hesitate to hide Abi when the party is raided. After he had already held her hair back while she puked then when the danger of the cops finding them comes, he doesn’t hesitate to hide her in the closet. Unfortunately, another girl hides in there too and within a short time she is dating Jon. I felt Abi’s pain at seeing the boy she was quickly falling for kissing the other girl. It was like a physical punch I felt myself while reading. 5 STARS Entertainment Level- Was I entertained, yes! I had to finish it when I got to the last few chapters. I had to know what happened. I love a good stay up all night read. Kelsie is a remarkable writer who pulls you in immediately and then tears at your heartstrings. Abi is every girl you’ve ever known. Her thoughts her feelings her insecurities are easy to connect with. The way she longs for the hot boy and thinks she is forever out of his league. She is written so well you feel like you are her or know someone like her. 5 STARS Overall 4 ½ stars! I would recommend everyone read this book. Trust me and read this book.