Abi and the Boy She Loves Book 3 Texas High Series


Kelsie Stelting


Cover Design- The cover is much the same on book three as the previous two. Having read the series, I still don’t understand the choice to use this as the cover. Had I seen these books in a bookstore, I would have looked right over them. The photo I saw on the Facebook add is what got my attention. I felt the pain of the plus size girl, her head down crying. The girl on the cover has a carefree movement in the way she’s standing. I guess that makes sense as Abi has finally gotten to a point where she can be herself without fear of anyone making her feel like she isn’t enough. Still the cover is too plain to get attention. 2 STARS Concept- In book three, very little time has passed. Abi and Jon are now at college. This is every girl’s dream. To not only fall in love but to go to the same college and live in the same building. The fact that Abi and Jon’s roommates are dating too makes this concept even better. What girl doesn’t long for this. Then when it looks like everything is going good, boom! Suddenly Jon is injured, and Abi finds herself in familiar territory. I have to say this was heartbreaking to read. I felt Abi’s pain. I wanted to reach into the book and give Jon a good shake. 5 STARS Plot/Subplot- This time the subplot felt like it overshadowed the actual plot of the book. The plot was Abi’s continuing to grow into a woman not afraid to face her demons head on. But it was the subplot that really pulled at me. Abi has to face her father and she doesn’t have Jon when she needs him. This was heartbreaking because you know how much he wanted to be there and how much she needed him to be, but circumstances prevented it. There is a part of me that was devastated that Jon wasn’t there. He has said he would be, and Abi needed him to be, but the other part of me saw why it was better for Abi to not have Jon to lean on. By facing her father alone, she was able to move past that time and take control of her life. Had Jon been there, she wouldn’t have had to face the possibility of being alone. She could have turned back to food to comfort her but instead, she found her inner strength that she’d had all along. 5 STARS Character Development- I have loved Abi and Jon’s characters from the beginning, but in this book, I really wanted to smack Jon and Abi as well. Sometimes two main characters beat around the bush for way to long. In this series, that didn’t happen at first, but then suddenly we see a side of Jon in this book that makes you wonder if you ever knew him at all. He suddenly feels like he isn’t the boy Abi needs. I must admit the way he was written at this time had me wanting to smack him at the same time wanting to shake some sense into him. In this book we get to know more about Stormy and her character. To see her and Abi so tight that Stormy wants Abi to be there when she gives birth as well as be godmother to her daughter, shows not only how much Abi has grown but how much Stormy feels about having met Abi. Their friendship in many ways is new, having only met halfway through Abi’s senior year of high school, but the way they become so close in such a short time shows how they both needed something they saw in the other. These characters are like you and me. You feel as the reader, like you know them. Like you could have been there hanging out with them, or in their group texts. 5 STARS Entertainment Level- This book kept me up at night. I had said only one more chapter, but as the chapters are very short, that would usually be five or six more. By then I got to where Jon was injured so I had to keep reading. Then I got to where he was an idiot, sorry no spoilers, and I had to read a little more. Then it was time for the parole hearing, and I had to know how that turned out. Then it was Skye and Andrew’s wedding and the baby and… you get the picture. I had to know what happened, so I was up until the early hours of the morning finding out. This book series is a definite must read. 5 STARS Overall I give it 4 ½ stars. I would recommend it to anyone. The Texas High series by Kelsie Stelting needs to be in every library.