Abi and the Boy Who Lied Book 2 Texas High Series


Kelsie Stelting


Cover design- obviously, this is the same girl as the one on the first books covers. However, she is more the right size as Abi has lost weight. The background is colorful. Between the two it is slightly eye catching. 3 STARS Concept- Kelsie could have ended the series at the end of the first book. Afterall the boy got the girl or in this case the girl got the boy. The reader was left to fill in the rest of the story. Two months have passed, and Abi should be happy, but she is still suffering from self esteem issues. She feels like any moment Jon will realize he can do better and drop her. She’s now at college with him and fears he will find someone better as there are so many more girls much hotter than her. Her insecurities are what every girl faces at some point in their life. But we are talking about concept. Kelsie has taken them to a new setting and away from all the people who kept Abi from breaking since she was taken away from her abusive parents and sent to live with a Grandmother who loves her. At some point everyone has felt this same uncertainty and fear of the unknown. 5 STARS Plot/subplot- the plot is Abi feeling left out and insecure about her relationship with Jon as well as the new environment. The subplot is the mysterious notes she is being sent. She feels she shouldn’t tell Jon. Jon feels he won’t be able to hold onto her. The way Kelsie writes is enduring and makes it so the reader can’t help but feel the pain. 5 STARS Character development- We get to see more of Abi and her insecurities in this book. But through Abi we see more into the fears Jon feels. When Abi hears Jon lied to her, she begins to feel worse about herself. When he walks away from her, Abi’s heartbreak felt like my own. I wanted to comfort her and tell her everything would be okay. Every girl wants to have the man who looks at her and loves her, to say YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!! Kelsie has a way of writing that makes the reader feel like they are not only in the story but are friend to the characters. Well done! The new character, Eric, gave me creepy vibes from the beginning. 5 STARS Entertainment Level- I was entertained! I was reading before bed and got to the part where Jon walked away, and I had to know more. Then the twist popped up and I had to know how that turned out and then I was close to the end of the book and I just had to stay up and find out what happened. In the end I finished the book. Definitely a stay up at night read! 5 STARS. Overall- I give Abi and The Boy Who Lied 4 ½ STARS