Beyond the Veil

Christine E. Schulze

Cover Design- There is something intriguing about this cover. It catches the eye and makes the reader want to pick up the book to see what its about. 5 STARS

Concept- Right off the reader is pulled into the book. The idea of stepping through a veil and being transported to another place is intriguing and exciting. Who wouldn’t love that? 5 STARS

Plot/Subplot- Even though this is a short story, Schulze gives all the pertinent information to make the story flow.5 STARS

Character Development- Schulze has a way of writing her characters that immediately the reader feels as if they know them. You feel their heartache and their pain. 5 STARS

Entertainment Level- I read this story in less than an hour. I couldn’t put it down. I felt like I was slipping through the veil with Gillian. If I feel transported into a book while reading it, it is a good book. 5 STARS