Blue Bloods, Masquerade, Revelations

Melissa De La Cruz

Cover Design– A woman’s neck, with a string of pearls and fang marks. The silhouette of a city. My first thought upon seeing this cover is the book is obviously about vampires and the necklace makes me think high class. Masquerade, book 2, the cover is kind of obvious to go along with the title. Book 3 is kind of boring. Overall the three covers aren’t exactly eye catching if not for the fang marks on book one I never would have picked up the books. 2 Stars

Character Development– The characters in De La Cruz’s books are uppity, superficial, stuck up elite members of New York society and they are vampires. Except for her main Character, Schuyler. She’s an average girl who finds her life changing once she turns 15. I tired to connect with her so that I could enjoy the books but I couldn’t. 1 Star

Plot/Sub-Plot– De La Cruz had a good idea if she had only left out the unnecessary details. Some books are plot driven and some are character driven. These books aren’t either. It’s like De La Cruz wasn’t sure what she wanted. As for a sub plot, the plot was so boring, I barely could focus much less find a sub-plot. 1 Star only because 0 stars isn’t an option

Entertainment Level– I was bored out of my mind! I hate not to finish a book let alone a series. I made myself read and finish book 2. I told myself it would get better. I read the reviews and was hoping I would see what they did. I finally gave up the fight in book 3. I couldn’t take anymore. Thankfully I had gotten them from the library otherwise I would have been really upset. The thought of wasting money on a book so horrible I couldn’t read it makes me cringe. To waste money on 3 books would send me to an asylum with padded walls and a white jacket that lets me hug myself. Can I give a -5 stars? No, as an author I know how hard it is to put your heart and soul into a story and have a review negatively. 1 star

Overall 3 Stars