Burning Rain

Elise Whyles

Concept– Whyles has an interesting idea for this story. She has introduces different species- dragons shifters, vampires- and shown each species to be ‘children’ of Greek Gods. She shows the gods in an interesting light. Zeus full of himself and interested in sex while others actually care for and love their ‘children’. I’ve never read a story where the vampires and dragon come from a specific origin. 4 stars

Character Development– Whyles main character is Malix, a dragon shifter. She doesn’t show him in a way you know he is sexy, strong and protective. The supporting character in Burning Rain is a vampire named Kassiel. Whyles introduced him in a way you feel anger, sympathy and revenge all at once. I felt that Malix when a dragon could have been described better. There were times I didn’t know if he were a man or dragon. 3 stars

Plot/Sub-Plot– Whyles sets up a story about dragons and vampires and Greek gods. She spins an intriguing tale that is unique. The subplot, where the two main characters fall in love, doesn’t overshadow the main part of the story. 4 stars

Cover Design– Whyles has definitely got a cover that attracts the eye. What woman wouldn’t glance at a hot man on the cover of a book. However most mass market romance novels have a hot man on them. Burning Rain isn’t a romance, but could get lost amongst them. I think a dragon tattoo on his arm or in some way a dragon on the cover would be more enticing 3 stars

Entertainment Level– I found Burning Rain to be somewhat entertaining. Would I recommend it to others, yes and no. I would, but only if they are looking to read something LBGT. 3 stars

All together I give it 3 ½ stars The Overall story is interesting if you like dragons and vampires or the Greek gods. There are currently 11 books in the Forsaken series by Elise Whyles. I haven’t read any others, but I heard the first book in the series will soon be a movie.