City of Ashes Book 1 Mortal Instruments Series


Cassandra Clare


Concept- City of Ashes is unique and intriguing. The idea that a supernatural world exists around us that we can’t see is exciting and new. I enjoyed reading something like this. Then for someone, Clare’ who had no idea she belonged to this world, yet she could see the hidden world. I was immediately pulled into the Shadow Hunter world. 5 STARS Plot/Subplot- The plot pulls the reader immediately into the shadow world with Clare’. The love that begins to develop between Clare’ and Jayce is the sub/plot. The shadow world is unlike the reality in which Clare’ lives. She finds herself faced with mythical creatures she never knew existed. 4 STARS Character Development- Clare’s characters are instantly likeable or annoying. She didn’t give too much away at once. I felt like I was at Clare’s side meeting the characters as she did. Not being overly descriptive in the introduction of a new character is better than telling all their attributes as if going down a checklist. 5 STARS Cover Design- This cover isn’t overly eye catching. The colors are somewhat muted, yet there is something about them that makes this book worth picking up. 3 STARS Entertainment Level- I escaped into the Shadow hunger World along with Clare’. I was as curious as she was about the people there. When she and Jayce began noticing the chemistry between them, it pulled me more and more into that world. I didn’t want the book to end. And when it did, I was mad! I wanted to throw the book across the room. Who ends a book like that? The first in the series that should make you want to buy the next and you chose to leave it that way! I didn’t want to read anymore! Talk about turning a reader off. Someone told me I should read the next book; I wouldn’t regret it. We will see if it can redeem the series for me. 4 STARS Overall I give this book 4 STARS