Color of Love

Amy Lawrence

Cover Design- The covers of YA books were much simpler when I was younger. That being said I only give 2 stars for this cover. It’s semi appealing. Cute boy. Cute girl. Nothing really eye catching about that.

Concept- Girls heart is broken so she goes to a summer camp to be a counselor meets cute boy but won’t let him close because he fears he will break her heart. Boy doesn’t give up. Add in a popular girl who wants the hot guy to treat the shy girl terribly and you have a run of the mill storyline. 2 stars

Plot/Subplot- The summer camp idea is better than a school would be. The subplot has to do with the campers and their problems. It was subtly and actually added to the story. 3 stars

Character Development- The characters were written well and likeable except for the mean girl, Dawn. Dawn is a character you want to smack. Everyone has known someone like her. 4 stars

Entertainment Level- I was entertained when I read this many years ago. I was still entertained reading it again. The story is cute and fun and easily relatable. I think the teens of today would enjoy it if they are looking for a quick read. 4 stars

Overall rating– 3 stars