Crach Ffinant The Prophecy

Lazarus Carpenter

Cover Design– The cover is unique and alludes to the story within. However if I were to see this cover  as I walked through the book store I would glance at it but not pick it up to read it. 3 Stars

Character Development– Carpenter introduces his characters in a way like that the reader feels like they are meeting them in person. As if they are there with Crach meeting them. Crach seems like a happy little dwarf, only to happy to help anyone he comes in contact with. No matter who he meets his outlook on life doesn’t change. The illustraitons Debbie Eve did through out the book allows the reader to visualize Crach and the characters as they read. 5 Stars

Concept. I thought the Concept for this book was unique and intriguing. The way Carpenter describes Crach’s journey and the things he does was superb. I  felt like I was there as he performed at the circus The detail he gives in each scene enables the reader to visualize what is happening. It makes the reader feel like the are a character within the story. 5 stars

Plot/Sub-Plot– I loved how the story is told from Crach’s point of view. It enabled me to see the people he encountered through his eyes. Each new character he met added to the Overall way Crach approached life, the way he met the future prince,even though at the time he didn’t know, was unique and likeable. I wanted to punch that jerk Edmund, so I was happy when he was. I loved the way Carpenter introduced more people or dragons at the appropriate time, then explain how Crach knew them by having him tell a tale to those he was with. 5 Stars

Entertainment Level– I enjoyed reading Crach Ffinant The Prophecy. I am curious to see where this tale goes next. I can’t wait to see what adventure Crach goes on next and who he encounters along the way. 5 stars

Overall 4 ½ stars.