Crach Ffinnant The Prophecy

Lazarus Carpenter

It’s the year, 1375 and a dwarf named Crach Ffinnant is an apprentice to Llywd ap Crachan Llywd, an old wizard when suddenly his training is over, and it’s time to fulfill his destiny. Through the prophecy, he learns that one day he is to serve the future Prince of Wales. What’s real and what’s fantasy in this book, we aren’t exactly told, but I’m inclined to go do some research after this truly spellbinding tale! There are colorful characters, sacred scrolls, magic, dreams, and adventures galore in this captivating story. There’s ten years worth of adventures including deep caverns, a Fire-Dragon, King Richard and even a Travelling Circus! Of course, there’s a reason for everything as Crach was taught by his wise master and he will learn the meaning of it all and get help from Prince Owain Glyndwr as his prophet and seer. In the end, the reader is left ready to rise above his own “inner-dwarf” and find like Crach, there is a solution for every problem, and the answer was more simple than we imagined. There are many witty sayings and shrouded truths throughout, and we will come to learn with Crach that ultimately, “Justice always prevails.”