Daughter Cry No More

Letresa Payne

It ’s a “Hard Knocks Life” for young Raine Jackson. All Raine wants is “freedom,” but all she seems to endure is heartache. This is the heart-wrenching plight of an African-American girl growing up in rural Louisiana in the 1960’s. Her home is broken and so is her heart as she searches desperately for some semblance of love and peace. There are as many surprising turns and twists in this book as there are challenges to overcome which will leave the reader unable to put it down. As Raine struggles to interpret an anonymous letter, as well as visions and premonitions in her attempt to unlock buried family secrets, we wonder she can possibly restore her family and find the peace she desperately craves. This novel has everything, suspense fantasy, family drama and ultimately love. The writing is so profound and emotionally-wrought, your heart’s in your throat on every riveting page and will leave the reader gripped from compelling start to jaw-dropping finish! I wanted to pick up the sequel immediately! So will you!