Ever Dream

Stephen Oakley

To dream or not to dream that is the question? “For Ever Dream!”  is the answer of the author who takes us on a fantastic journey into a fantasy world where “dreams really can come true.” But will they? For our hero, Jacob, the chance to escape a difficult and misunderstood life will not come without risk. He and three other “pure Souls” will be faced with the arduous task of retrieving the 4 stolen “Dremalite crystals” and thus save “Ever Dream.” Jacob is chosen for his heart and the skills he possesses. There are vivid depictions and colorful metaphors in this book which show that sometimes we have to step out into another world to dream and see what we are capable of becoming. Like Jacob, the reader will be asked what mediocre existence and less than fulfilling life are they ready to flee to Ever Dream to escape? What if there is risk? What risk would you be willing to take to fulfill your destiny? Pick up this book, and you may begin to dream again!