Fifty Shades of Grey

E.L. James

Cover Design– There is nothing eye catching enough to get the readers attention. When I walk through a bookstore I’m looking for a cover to catch my eye. It needs to be compelling and make me want to see what the book is about. These covers would be overshadowed by other covers. I wouldn’t even see it. 1 star

Character Development-Anastasia Steele is shy, unsure and skittish. She makes me think of a mouse. If you said boo, she’d run the other way. Christian Grey is one of those men you admire for the success he’s made of himself but has a whole lot of issues. The characters he surrounds himself with at Grey Enterprises are described as being almost robotical or cloned in their similarities. The lesser known characters, Grey’s family and Ana’s friends are described just enough to make them unremarkable. 2 stars

Concept– The idea of a man who’s taste goes toward sex and bondage to fall for an innocent shy clumsy virgin is unusual. The fact he is attracted to her because of the similarity’s Ana has toward Christensen’s dead mother is disturbing. Why would you write it that way? His mother died when he was younger which led to his eventual adoption by a wonderful family. He then is basically abused by his adopted mother’s best friend in some twisted S&M relationship. Then he turns his attention to a dead mommy look alike. The story is messed up in more ways than one. Had James had Ana look different than Christian’s dead mother and Mr. Robinson hadn’t messed Christian up in such a way, maybe this Concept would have been better. I have to wonder what made James write the series this way. 1 star

Plot/Sub-Plot-Jame’s plot is overdone at times. I understand the story was about a man with a twisted sex life, but did she have to write so many sex scenes? By the end of Fifty Shades of Grey I was rolling my eyes every time I came to a sex scene. Grey had a room filled with whips and chains and other sex toys. If he’d been a poor man with a room full of these thing he’d have seem seen as a pervert. Would the book have been such a big success? Doubtful. 1Star

In book 2 James has her main character heartbroken and missing a man who spanked her for defying him. She is his girlfriend, not his child. They may have been into role playing or other sexual games but at no point should your boyfriend spank you as if he has the right. Again if this had been a penniless pauper he would have been held accountable for that. 1 star

I found Fifty Shades Freed to be slightly better as far as storyline after all they marry and face things married couples do, but Christians almost obsessive behavior with Ana is a bit much. The kidnapping and how Ana dealt with it was interesting but over all I was glad it ended. 1 star

Over all the plot is semi interesting in the story but their were problems with Christian’s preferences and by book two I found the sex scenes repetitive. I skimmed them in book three as I felt they were trying to overshadow the actual plot. At this point I was done. 1 star

Entertainment Level– Had James left out the over done sex scenes and toned down the sex toys and red room craziness there might have been a decent story, assuming she altered the face  his mother and his submissive looked alike the storyline had good parts. However the books were written poorly and as an author that annoyed me.  As a new author EL James should have had an editor to assist her. Was I entertained? Marginally 2 Stars

Fifty Shades of Gray 1 Star.

Fifty Shades Darker 1 Star

Fifty Shades Freed 1 Star