First Grave on the Right

Darynda Jones

Cover Design- The cover is simple yet eye catching. Combined with the back blurb, I would definitely pick up this book. 4 STARS

Concept- I’ve never read a Grimm Raper story so this was a refreshing unique idea. Not only that but the play on words with Charley Davidson’s name was a touch of genius. The idea of the Grimm Reaper needing protection was also unusual. The way Jones has people crossing over is insightful and unique. 5 STARS

Plot/Subplot- The story stalled out a couple of times. After the first one I almost gave up reading but I gae it another chance. The story piked up and then stalled again. I forged on and the story sped up and didn’t stall again. 3 STARS

Character Development- Jones writes her characters in a way you can’t help but like them or despise them. You feel as if Charley is your neighbor across the hall. The Big Bad is frightening and enduring all at the same time. 5 STARS

Entertainment Level- As I said it’s a unique concept but it did lag in a few places. Im glad I forged on instead of giving up. It’s a great little tale that I am glad I read. I will be reading the rest of the series assuming book 2 keeps the story from stalling again. 4 STARS

Overall rating– 4 STARS