Ghost of Switchyard


“Do you believe in ghosts?” You will by the end of this thrilling tale, at least one, in particular, the one that troubles “Switchyard.” For fifteen years the world of Ever-Earth has endured droughts and famine, but it gets much worse when a mysterious force suddenly appears and begins destroying lands and villages. They call this unknown force, the “Ghost of Switchyard.” When a young boy named Christian Castle survives an attack that killed thousands, he sets off on a journey to prevent a great war from taking place. In fact, Christian should have never have grown up at all were it not for the mysterious Providence that takes place in the first chapter. Christian learns many important lessons from the old man that saved his life which will serve him later on his journey. The book is full of witty dialogue including one fascinating exchange between Christian and his grandfather after a game of chess. “Almost isn’t winning,” says his grandfather whose sacrifice of a knight ultimately leads to his victory. “Sometimes the right sacrifice will secure your place as the victor – you’ll be wise to remember that.” Christian takes this and many other lessons to heart and so will the reader in this and mesmerizing drama.