Raquel Rich

Cover Design– The cover of Hamartia is colorful yet simple. It’s not overpowering, but intriguing enough to catch your eye. That is the first step in selling your book. A reader will pi k up a book that catches their eye and read the back blurb. 5 stars

Concept– I haven’t read science fiction before, however that doesn’t away from Hamartia. I found the idea of this book unusual and exciting. The idea of not only reincarnation, but a soul eventually reaching a time limit was intriguing. Throwing the ability to travel through time by way of jumping out of a plane and you have a wonderful story guaranteed to catch a readers attention.5 stars.

Plot/Sub-Plot– Hamartia is a plot driven book. Rich has written a story that captures the reader attention from the first chapter. The reader is immediately engrossed in this story. The romance between the main character and her husband takes very little of the story. 5 stars

Character Development– Rich drops the reader right into her main characters predicament. The reader can’t help but feel the heartache Grace is facing. Will Grace find him? Will she save her son? Will Marc survive? Why is Kay helping? Who is the woman from the funeral? The more the reader learns the deeper they are immersed in the story. Grace’s strengths and weaknesses are relatable to the reader. 5 stars

Entertainment Level– I found Hamartia a great escape. I put it down. I kept saying just one more chapter, but it was always more than one. I had to know what Grace would do. Not just with her search for Marc’s past lief but with what was happening with Marc’s messages. Would she admit how she felt? Who was following her and why? Every time she checked the messages I anxiously waited for the words she and I feared. 5 stars