tephen Oakley

Fact meets fiction in this action-packed thriller. An organic honey farm in Cornwall, England, notices a rapid decline in honeybee populations caused by a deadly plant virus. The theory goes that if the honeybees die out, man will eventually follow. Scientists desperately race to develop a vaccine and apply it prematurely with ghastly results. The virus has mutated and made a further leap from plants and into the immune systems of humans and animals. Enter Jason Lambert, a Park Ranger, who seems to be humanity’s last hope. He’s part Dr. David Banner, part Jason Bourne. He’s a kick-butt monster-killing machine and yet kept sane by his journaling as he seeks to uncover clues that will save mankind. The author has done a truly outstanding job of taking a very real and complex problem (disappearance of the honeybees) and turning it into a very compelling, entertaining and even humorous story. The reader will laugh, shriek and cheer for Jason Lambert as he “kills screamers” and whether they are a metaphor for a much bigger problem, we’ll let the reader judge.