Houdini the Cat


Carole Moeller


Cover design- the cover is colorful and cute. Definitely something that would grab a child’s attention as they are looking around a bookstore. It alludes to the story within while showing a cute cat. Kids love cats. 5 STARS Concept- Carole has taken a magic show seen by a boy and his father and turned it into a cute story about a cat who keeps disappearing. Cats are known for being defensive and hide for safety. Houdini the cat’s hiding is a cute way to entertain children. 5 STARS Plot and subplot- Houdini is an adorable cat who loves to disappear. Her human boy never fusses at the cat. This is a good way to teach children to be kind to animals. 5 STARS Character Development- Carole takes her characters and makes them instantly likable. Everyone wants a cat to be fun. The way she lets the cat meow and explains them as words is perfect to get a child’s attention. 5 STARS Entertainment Level- I was thoroughly entertained. For a child’s book this is a cute story. Every child will enjoy this book. If you are a mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle, grandpa, dad, brother, or sister this is a book you should own. Your child will love it! 5 STARS Overall- I give this book 5 STARS. It is defiantly a must read for children! Get a copy for all the children in your life and one for your child’s school.