Stuart Grant

Detective Stephen Lewis is a burnt-out cop in Detroit whose life continues to spiral out of control when he is made a scapegoat by the Justice Department’s investigation into corruption and police brutality. Stripped of his job and hitting the bottle Stephen hits rock bottom and can only see one way out, ending his life. Before he can go through with it, Agent Maguire turns up at his door. That’s when the real fun starts!  Maguire offers the second chance to end all “second chances,” and a real opportunity to do something meaningful with his life. “Hi, I’m John Candy and welcome to Legendville.” Yes, you read that right, “John Candy.” Project Blue Chrysalis was established in 1948 by Joseph Kennedy Jr. and Adolf Hitler and offered a  place where the rich and famous could live out their lives in comfort away from the never-ending scrutiny of life in the public eye, all faking their deaths in order to join the growing community living within the confines of the Project. From Ronald Reagan to Martin Luther King to Buddy Holly “Sheriff” Jimmy Hoffa. They are here and many more!  But I digress, Detective Stephen Lewis becomes Noah Franklin and is tasked with stopping a murderer before his work can be completed. Surrounded by the worst that society has to offer and being pressured by superiors to deliver Noah must do everything in his power to bring the killer to justice. This book almost literally has everything to offer. Murder mystery, conspiracy thriller, tragedy, comedy and that a shot at redemption all played out in a very witty and engaging writing style that will leave the reader thoroughly entertained and may be seeking a one-way ticket to “Legendville.”