Stuart Grant

Surely, we’ve all felt like Mike Novak, the hero of this story, a loner who is trying to “keep (himself) from (himself).” Just one problem with that.  There’s a job that only he can do, and it turns out it’s a pretty big job, saving Mankind from destruction. It turns out Mike isn’t exactly one of us earthling’s and is simply here among us to “observe and report” to the Galactic Council when a funny thing happens--he falls in love with a woman named Julie. The inevitable day comes when “the bomb” is fired and though Mike knows his orders, the love of his life, Julie, is pregnant with his child, and she tells him what deep down he already knows. He has to get involved. He has to do the right thing. He has to fulfill his destiny and do what only he can do. It turns out Mike, at his core, is very much like us humans, wrestling with feelings of unworthiness as he wonders if maybe “he wasn’t the right man for the job after all.” It doesn’t matter. Mike knows what he must do. Which begs questions for the “Loner” in us all. “What’s my purpose on this earth?” “What ‘inevitable day’ or threat am I waiting for to decide it’s time to do my duty? Will Mike succeed? More importantly, will the reader?