Love and Bloodlust The Scared Objects

Melinda Clark

Cover Design– The Cover for Love and Bloodlust the Scared Object has a kind of eerie look to it. The way the two people on the front appear almost ghost like catches the eye. The minute I saw it, I had to read it. 5 Stars

Character Development– Avery Langdon sounds like a badass. She is described in a way that even though she has a rough exterior, there’s a vulnerability to her that she guards. You find yourself wanting to help her take down the vampires and then comfort her and tell her it’ll be okay. Talon is one of those vampires that makes your heart skip a beat. His name adds a touch of bad guy hotness. You find yourself wanting Avery to see him as more than the enemy. As she lets him past the wall she hides behind you find yourself rooting for him. This kind of feeling where characters are concerned means they have been developed really well. 5 Stars

Concept– Vampires are a genre that has been over done in many ways. However, every now and then an exciting new idea comes along to catch and intrigue the reader. That’s how I felt about /love and Bloodlust The Sacred Objects. Clark has introduced an idea that suck s the reader in. her characters and their story instantly gets the readers attention. 5 Star

Plot/Sub-Plot– The  plot of Love and Bloodlust the Sacred objects is intriguing. The reader learns of

Avery’s past and why she is a vampire hunter.
Clark’s subplot, Avery and Talon’s relationship, Doesn’t overpower the main plot, Avery’s desire for revenge and Cain’s arrival 5 Stars.

Entertainment Level– This book is one of those books that keeps the reader up all night. I had to know what happened next. I kept saying just one more page and I will go to bed. One more chapter, one more chapter. I loved it!! A must read for any vampire fan! 5 stars

I give this book 5 stars Overall If you love fantasy and vampires you will love this book!