Love & Bloodlust: The Sacred Objects

Tiffany Maczynski

This ain’t your typical boy meets girl story. Avery is a vampire slayer, and Talon turns out to be a vampire. They hit it off at first, then Avery learns that Talon is a vampire which pretty much wrecks the burgeoning relationship until that is, he saves her life and proves to be a …wait for it…genuine stand-up vampire! After already losing her parents to a gruesome murder, Avery’s sister Kyrie is killed by vampires, and she’s ready to throw in the towel when Talon indeed gives her a reason to live and love. Yes, they also fight together to destroy an enemy almost as old as the world itself, the dominant vampire Cain who seems to be invincible. There are several compelling subplots here and even shrouded biblical overtones as to who exactly Cain is and what is Avery’s higher purpose. Ultimately, this is a highly imaginative and very detailed book which will keep the reader enthralled and guessing to the heart-stopping and stunning conclusion.