Love Magic


Marla Hughes


Cover Design- I love this cover! It is eye catching and appealing to children and adults. 5 STARS Concept- This is the first book I’ve read on this subject. Children unfortunately have to face death the way we all do. Sometimes it’s hard for them to understand loss. This book explains the loss of a grandpa in a way to comfort and help children. 5 Stars Plot/Sublot- The plot is written carefully so that it doesn’t talk down or make light of how a child feels. 5 STARS Character Development- Your characters are instantly likable. Grandma could be more grandmother and Charlie is adorable. They are drawn in a way to catch the eye. The text is easy to understand. 5 STARS Entertainment Level- The book is a quick read with a lasting message. I would recommend every parent get this book! All children and even adults would benefit from this story. 5 STARS Overall- 5 STARS. This is a must red for children.