Lust, Money and Murder

Mike Wells

Cover Design– The cover is somewhat generic for the trilogy. It has a hint of what’s to be found in the books. It’s not too over powering but could be more eye catching. 3Stars

Character Development– Well’s main character, Elaine, is introduced to the reader as a child. Then you follow her as she grows. You become engrossed in her life, in her revenge, even in her disappointment when she learns he revenge is pointless. Wells has given the reader a character they can connect with. 5 Stars

Concept– As far as Concept goes Wells doesn’t have anything new, however the way he has written it, is fast paced and exciting. The first part about the experiment is intriguing and pulls the reader in.  It’s obvious Wells did research on his idea before he wrote his novel. I learned things about the Secret Service I never knew. 4 Stars

Plot/Sub-Plot– At first Wells sets the plot in motion as revenge. Elaine has good reason for wanting revenge. Then as the book progresses you find it’s more the subplot and what happens in Elaine’s life as a whole is more the plot. Wells catches the readers attention and keeps the story progressing at a pace that the reader doesn’t get marred down with trivial facts. He leaves you wanting more at the end of each book. Don’t just buy book one, buy the trilogy so you can make one continuous read. 4 Stars

Entertainment Level– I found Lust, Money and Murder entertaining. It took me on a roller coaster ride with Elaine. I was there when her mother walked away. I was the when she wanted to become a model. I was there when her heart was broken and she vowed Revenge. I followed her through school, encouraging her as she went through Secret Service training. When her first boss put the moves on her to her second that she fell in love with. For every moment  I was there encouraging her or getting angry.  5 Stars.


Overall I give the trilogy 4 Stars