Meet Super Duper Rick Martin

Judith Enderle

Cover Design-The boy on the front of the cover was chosen to grab every teenage girls eye. He definitely caught mine. For Cover Design back in the 80’s I would have given this 5 stars easily. It still catches the eye in this day and age, but other than the cute guy the cover is rather plain. 4 stars

Concept- This book has a commonly done concept. New boy in school. Shy girl wants him but so does the popular girl. Best friend convinces shy girl to have a party for Halloween and invite Rick. The story flows and captures the readers attention. The teenage me loved the idea, what teenager wouldn’t especially a shy girl looking to have the hot guy fall for her. I found the story cute and fun at my age now. 4 stars

Plot/Subplot- The plot flowed freely. I was rooting for Annie hoping she’d get Rick instead of the popular girl. The subplot was subtle, but made the plot flow. 3 stars

Character Development- Annie is likable and easily relatable. As I’ve said a teenager can see similarities in themselves and Annie. You can’t help feeling her heartache and longing. When it looks like she’s going to lose out to the popular girl, I felt her disappointment. Rick is your typical hot guy only he doesn’t let his being hot make him a jerk. His uncertainty and nervousness about the shy girl was sweet. I felt like I could have known him when I was in high school. 4 stars

Entertainment Level- I enjoyed this book when I read it years ago and still did ow. It’s a cute little read that teenagers of today will enjoy even if it’s over 30 years old. The problem will be finding a copy of it. 4 stars

Overall rating– 3 stars