Mom and I Disagree

Donna Rabenort

Cover Design-This book cover is eye catching. It tells you along with the title cover what this book will be about. 5 Stars

Concept– The idea of a book written from a child’s point of view about what all mothers and children deal with is interesting and intriguing. This is a subject everyone faces when they become parents. 5 Stars

Plot/Sub-Plot– I liked that Rabenort didn’t over embellish the story. She kept it short and to the point so that children could connect with the story and learn from it. 5 Stars

Character Development– Rabenort’s characters are written in a way that a mother can see herself as the mother in the book. The child is like every child who ever feels like they are right their parent. 4 Stars

Entertainment Level– This book is a quick read. It’s a book all children should read. For myself it was  an okay story. However it isn’t geared to my age. It’s good for children to read. 4 Stars

Overall I give it 4 Stars