Moonlit Blood

D. M. Barton

First Star-Cover Design

The cover of Moonlit Blood catches the eye. If I were walking through a bookstore and saw this book I would definitely pick it up and read the back cover. There is just enough of the story hinted at on the cover to warrant picking up the book to see what is about. This cover deserves 5 stars.

Second Star-Character Development

Barton defines his characters in a way that you learn more about them as you read. There are times the reader learns about the character at the same time the character learns it themselves. Barton writes in first person giving you an insight into Bethany’s thoughts and feelings. The reader experiences her discoveries as she is introduced to the supernatural world around her. No matter what is thrown¬† Bethany’s way she faces it head on. Barton has developed a character that sticks with you long after you have turned the final page. Another five stars earned.

Third Star-plot and Subplot

Barton’s plot is unique in a world with repeated story lines. He has your normal supernatural creatures- vampires, witches and werewolves, but he introduces the world to lesser known supernatural species-leechers and even a fish shifter. Barton lets his imagination free as he introduces a world where super natural species exist along side humans. His subplot doesn’t overshadow the plot of the story. The love aspect is there but not predominate enough to be the main plot. Another 5 stars well deserved.

Fourth Star-Concept

Moonlit Blood is a new exciting look into a sometimes over done genre. I found the leecher aspect an unusual and unique Concept. Barton earns five stars.

Fifth Star-Entertainment Level

Moonlit Blood is a great escape for readers. As the reader I anxiously accompanied Bethany as she discovered the truth about herself and those around her. Moonlit Blood is awarded 5 stars.

Moonlit Blood is a character driven novel that earns a 5-star review. D. M. Barton has introduced us to a unique world of leecher’s and the supernatural creatures around her. A must read for supernatural readers. D. M. Barton is an author to watch.