Morganville Vampires Book 1 Glass House


Rachael Caine


Cover Design- The cover isn’t overly appealing. The house is rather small and brightly lit as opposed to the girl with the unique style. At a guess I’d say this girl is most likely Eve, one of the occupants of Glass house. I would glance at this book because of the cover, but the picture wouldn’t be enough to get me to pick up the book and read the back blurb. However, if I read the tag line, Peer Pressure Sucks so do vampires. I would have because I love vampire novels. 3 STARS Concept- The vampire genre is extremely popular, made even more so by the release of the Twilight Saga. That being said, I found Rachael Caine’s concept interesting and new. A college town where the occupants know about the vampires that live within. Not only do they know about them, but they must be under the protection of a vampire or risk becoming lunch. Poor unsuspecting Claire is smart and a little younger than the other college students. She has no idea there are vampires in town. She is being tortured by the popular girls in her dorm. After an attempt to murder her Claire leaves thee dorm. She finds a coffee shop and meets Eve who takes her to Glass house. There she learns of the vampires and a secret of one of the tenants. 5 STARS Plot/Subplot- you really have to pay attention. This is a plot driven book. You have to decide if the townful of vampires is the plot or is it Claire’s leaving about the secrets of Glass house? The subplot maybe Claire’s relationship with her roommates or the book the vampires are desperately trying to find. 5 STARS Character Development- Rachael does a good job introducing her characters in a way that endears them to the reader. The way she describes them you can envision them, see them as friends not just characters in a book. 5 STARS Entertainment Level- I love a good stay up all-night book. I found this book to be one of those. I couldn’t wait to finish it but at the same time I wanted to know what happened. 5 STARS