Morganville Vampires Book 12 Black Dawn


Rachael Caine


Cover Design: It appears to be Eve on the front cover. I like that the reader is finally given a face to go with the image in their head. The colors aren’t really eye catching though. I would love to have seen the covers get better over the series, but sadly I don’t think that is going to happen. 3 STARS Concept: This book was a refreshing change! Suddenly we find the vampires are scared instead of just the humans being scared. There is something called the draug that feeds off the vampires. They can feed off humans as well but prefer vampires. The twist of how Claire can see the head draug when no one else, even the vampires, is a unique way to go. I felt Black Dawn was a wake up to a series that was beginning to put me to sleep. 4 STARS Plot/Subplot: This book is more character driven than the others have been. Not only do we see into Claire’s head, we get a look into Shane’s, Michael’s, Eve’s and a few others. The reader gets to see how they think and feel. The subplot is Michael and Eve’s struggle to get married. Everyone in town, be they vampire or human has an issue with it. 4STARS Character Development: The chance to see inside the other character’s minds makes the book more enjoyable. Cane does write in an interesting way. The books have been mostly from Claire’s point of view, although not in first person, the way she does when she lets someone else tell the story. It is an interesting way of writing. I wish I’d been able to ask Rachael Caine why she did this, but sadly she has passed on. I give this new depth into the characters 4 STARS Entertainment Level: I was marginally entertained for the beginning of this book. I was bored about midway through with the whole draug thing. Then one of the main characters is taken over by the draug and is on the verge of dying. Suddenly I had to know if this character was going to survive or die. If they died it would mean a drastic change in the town. I fought the urge to flip to the back and see what happened. Instead, I stayed up reading until I knew what the outcome would be. 5 STARS Overall, I give Black Dawn 4 STARS