Morganville Vampires Book 13 Bitter Blood


Rachael Caine


Concept: In Bitter Blood we find our main characters joining forces with Oliver. The mere concept is strange! Suddenly Claire, Eve, Michael, and Shane find themselves on the outs with Amelie to such extremes, their lives are in danger. More than just the normal danger they live in. Michael and Eve have gotten married and opened a whole new world of problems with not just the vampires but the humans as well. Considering that this is book 13, there was a need for something different to happen in the books. As I’ve said before I am invested in what happens to these people now so much so that I have to know how they end. Even if I were to come across one that I couldn’t get through, I would skim the pages to get the parts that I need to know. Concept 4 STARS Cover Art: I believe this is Claire on the front the Book on her face combined with the red in the writing makes this cover a little more stand out as opposed to some of the others. It would definitely catch my eye walking through a bookstore to read the back blurb. 4 STARS Plot/Subplot: This book was kind of a bounce back and forth for me. As for which one was supposed to be the plot versus the one supposed to be the subplot it wasn’t until the end, I was able to see the answer. The plot is the reality that these four friends are not only up against the vampires but also against the world. The subplot being more of the mutiny to overthrow Amelie and take over Morganville. Oliver’s sudden love interest in Amelie is disgusting and creepy all at once. 4 STARS Character Development: In Bitter Blood, we once again are able to see through other people’s points of view, like Myrnin. It was interesting to see how his manic craziness with his mind worked, but also how he depends on Claire. This is something Shane has noticed and been jealous of. A glimpse into Oliver’s mind is interesting, yet not really much of a stretch. His mind is how you would expect more of less. A touch creepy and full of himself. Amelie’s mind gives her character a little more depth. I hope the multiple views will continue in the rest of the books. 4 STARS Entertainment Level: This one did keep me up all night. I had to know what was happening! I kind of had an idea of how it will turn out because I mean it’s a series. In most series you get a happy ending of some sort except for Divergent, but that is another review! I was entertained and enjoyed getting to know more about these characters. That was what made this book worth staying up for. I’m glad that I pushed on through the series to get to this book. I hope the last few books are done the same way. 5 STARS Overall, I give Bitter Blood 4 STARS