Morganville Vampires Book 2 The Dead Girls Dance


Rachael Caine


Concept- Obviously the concept for each book is overall the same with a new twist or turn thrown in to keep the story fresh and exciting. In The Dead Girls Dance, Caine shows that not all humans in Morganville know about the vampires and those that do aren’t all in the vampire’s pockets so to speak. This adds the conflict to make this book exciting. 5 STARS Character Development- When doing a series, you don’t want to add too many characters. Because it’ll take away from the story. In the Dead Girls Dance, Caine introduces a handful of new characters. Shane’s father is a character you instantly don’t like because of how he treats Shane. At the same time, you find yourself wanting him around to take care of the evil vampires. 5 STARS Plot/Subplot- The thing I like about Claire’s books are how she keeps the hints of romance between the characters low key. She makes sure the main focus of the story is Claire and her relationship with the vampires and those around her. 5 STARS Cover Design- There is a girl pictured on the front. Judging by what you can see I’d guess it is Claire. The cover is very simple, but there is something intriguing about it. 4 STARS Entertainment Level- Even through this is the second book in the series it is, still a stay up all night read. I have no doubt they all are. I’ll know for sure when I read them. This series is definitely one all vampire lovers should read. 5 STARS