Morganville Vampires Book 3 Midnight Alley


Rachael Caine


Cover Design- The cover shows who after reading the book is obviously Claire. She’s walking down a dark alley. That combined with the title gives away a small amount of the storyline. Does that make the cover better? Not really. The colors do catch the attention of the reader. Is the cover alone enough to make me want to pick the book up? No. Had I not read the previous two books, I would have skipped over this one. 2 STARS Plot/Subplot- As this is an ongoing series, the plot and subplot can’t become stale. In this book the reader, like Claire, learns more about Morganville and its inhabitants. Caine took Claire’s character and began turning her into an adult that takes care of herself and her friends. The romance between Claire and Shane took the next step without overly concentrating on it. 5 STARS Concept- Obviously, the concept is the same with a twist thrown in. As you learn in the first book Claire is smart for her age, she’s new in Morganville a place with a dark secret. Vampires live in the town. To give book three a new concept, Caine brought in a huge twist. Spoiler alert! The vampires are dying but not until they go crazy. Not only does Claire know but she’s trying to help them. Way to keep the reader intrigued. 5 STARS Character Development- With each book the reader learns a little more about the four main characters. Caine also adds characters to each book. I have said in the past you can have too many characters. However, the characters introduced in book three are needed to take the story to the next step. The only issue I have is the slow way Caine tells you about some of the lesser characters. 3 STARS Entertainment Level- Was I entertained? Yes. Was it a stay up all-night book? No. But it was good enough to make me want to continue on. 3 STARS