Morganville Vampires Book 4 Feast of Fools


Rachael Caine


Cover Design- Instead of Claire or Eve on the cover you have who I assume is Shane. The cover is plain like the others. The coloring adds a little to the cover but it’s still not enough to get the readers attention when surrounded by other more colorful covers. If not for having read the others in the series. I wouldn’t have picked it up. 3 STARS Concept- A series you have to keep adding to your original concept to keep the reader interested. However, what was added didn’t really make this book much different mainly because the first part of the book was pretty much the same as the other books. Claire goes to school. Eve goes to work. Shane does nothing. Michael adapts to his new life. 2 STARS Plot/Subplot- There’s not much to say here. As I said with concept. The characters basically do the same things they do in the other books. The subplot does to. The only new thing in this book is Claire learning about the disease. 3 STARS Character Development- The main characters don’t get much more developed in this book other than Claire. She is finally finding her strength and not letting everything scare her. The new characters introduced, Bishop and his two playmates. Add a little to the dullness of the story. The female Ysandre or something like that, is one of those characters you want to smack. Right off the bat. She is one of those characters you hate. You want to jump into the book and teach her a thing or to. When she does what she does to Shane I wanted to throw the book. Those kind of feelings in a reader means the characters was written well. 4 STARS Entertainment Level- Was I entertained? Marginally at the end of the book. Had the book not ended better, I would have stopped reading right here. The cliff hanger ending is all that saved this book from being my last in the series. 3 STARS