Morganville Vampires Book 5 Lord of Misrule


Rachael Caine


Cover Design- As per the others of this series, there is not one person but two this time. The female though has half her head cut off. I do wonder as to the reason for this. TI may have been to appeal to the younger generation. My teenage daughter always managed to cut half her face off even when taking a selfie. I’m fairly sure the girl is to represent Eve. At first, I thought he must be Michael but I’m not so sure now. I think it’s Shane. Regardless of who they are, the cover is still not eye catching. The birds are a nice touch. In a bookstore of millions of books, it wouldn’t stand out. 3 STARS Concept- This book introduced a new concept, a new danger. Suddenly the not so safe Morganville becomes not safe at all. I have to say, the series needed a kick in the pants. 4 STARS Plot/Subplot- Caine was good about taking the romance between Shane and Claire slow. She keeps in mind that her audience is most likely the same age as Claire. She also kept the romance as a subtle subplot. I will say the romance was a little fast. I mean Claire meets Shane, moves in, goes to school, plays a few zombie killing video games with Shane and suddenly they are in love. I get Claire’s easily falling in love with Shane. At that age it’s easy to fall in love, but Shane’s older. He hasn’t been sheltered. Yet he loves Claire as quickly as she falls for him. That is a little bit of a rush. Back to the plot/and subplot, in this book everything is leading to the turning point in the story. 4 STARS Character Development- One thing about Caine’s writing when it comes to describing what her characters are wearing, he tells it as if at a fashion show. By that I mean she will mention a character, like Eve and then say she is wearing a tight black shirt with a red skull, a black leather skirt and black clunky boots with red tights with black skulls. That is annoying. If you are a writer don’t do that! Every time she describes the clothes, she does this. It sounds better to include it as if it’s important to the reader to know what the character is wearing. She could have said, Eve’s black shirt clung to her in a way that made the red skulls stretch and disfigure, not that she cared. As if suddenly aware of how short her black leather skirt was, she tried to pull it lower over her red with black skull tights. Her black clunky boots sounded extra loud in the silence. It sounds less like a runway outfit and just a little clue as to what Eve looked like on this day. Sometimes too much detail ruins a story. 4 STARS Entertainment Level- I was more entertained with this one than the one before. That being said, it still didn’t leave me having to finish one more chapter before putting it down. I think I will finally have that in book six. 4 STARS