Morganville Vampires Book 6 Carpe Corpus


Rachael Caine


Cover Design- This cover is somewhat different from the previous ones in as much as the person on the cover. You see much less than the previous covers. The bracelet indicates its most likely Claire. The shadowed soldier in the background is a little intriguing but not overly so. As far as covers go, this series doesn’t have very good covers. 3 STARS Concept- Caine takes the monotony of everyday life in a town controlled by vampires and gave us a coup or mutiny. Suddenly Claire and her housemates find themselves controlled by the evil new vampire in town or tossed in jail, save for Eve. She finds herself angry at her friends and love. As the reader you are rooting for Amelie in this war when up to this point you were against her and her treatment of Claire and her friends. What a way to get the reader hooked once again. 5 STARS Plot/Subplot- Suddenly the plot of this series has changed. There is a new player in town. One who watns to control the town. Bishop doesn’t’ care for having humans around for any reason other than as blood bags. His goal is to bring Amelie to her knees and doesn’t care who is lost along the way. Suddenly the subplot is twofold. You have the romance between Claire and Shane but also Amelie getting control back of Morganville. 5 STARS Character Development- The addition of Bishop and his little friends made for a new exciting adventure. Sometimes the addition of characters can take away from a story but without these the story would have withered and died. The way Caine wrote them had me wanting to climb in the book and jerk some of them up by their hair. 5 STARS Entertainment Level- Finally I found a stay up all night, one more chapter book in this series. I had to know if Claire was going to be able to save Shane from death. Was Eve going to forgive her for working for Bishop? Why had Michael turned against Amelie? Where was Amelie? And Myrin? Was he really on Bishop’s side? Had he turned against Amelie? Had he betrayed Claire? 5 STARS Overall- 4 STARS