Morganville Vampires Book 8 Kiss of Death


Rachael Caine


Cover Design- There is definitely a pattern with this series. I’d like to say this is probably supposed to be Claire but at this point it could be Monica. I would have liked to see the covers getting more and more awesome and eye-catching. Instead, it’s the same basically boring covers. 2 STARS Concept- Caine takes our fearsome foursome out of Morganville to Dallas after two side trips they didn’t plan to go on. Getting to see how they behave outside of Morganville, is a welcome change. Instead of letting them have a fun adventure then returning them to Morganville for more trouble, Caine dumped them into not one but two serious situations. The concept to give them a touch of freedom but also show how ti can be worse when you don’t know those around you. 5 STARS Plot/Subplot- The plot for this book is different from the others yet the same. Our foursome is attempting to be normal, if such a thing is possible, yet find themselves in horrifying predicaments. They get abducted by Morganville vampires who have managed to escape who need ‘supplies’. They escape only to find themselves in another town with crazy vampires. Definitely kept everyone on their toes. 5 STARS Character Development- Getting to see the main characters in a new light shows more of their character. WE meet Morley a very Scrooge like vampire. We find that Amelie is very distraught after Sam’s death. Just when you think she may be becoming more likeable, she shows her an agenda once more. 4 STARS Entertainment Level- I enjoyed this book. I didn’t lose much sleep over it, btu there were one or two times I just had to know what happened before putting it down. 4 STARS Overall- 4 STARS