Morganville Vampires Book 9 Ghost Town


Rachael Caine


Character Development- In this book the characters begin to unravel. Caine took all we knew about each character except Claire and sent them back to who they were three years ago. She shows us a different side of Myrin, Amelie and Oliver. The bond between the four friends is there even when they aren’t sure who each one was. The heartache Claire experiences in many different ways depending on who she is interacting with pulled at my heartstrings. The ending was equally as sad, but I saw it coming. 5 STARS Plot/Subplot- The plot of Ghost Town was fresh and woke up a sleeping series. The repetitive Claire goes to school, Claire goes to the lab, Claire goes to her parents, Claire goes to Glass House. Eve dresses in Goth clothes. Michael drinks blood from a bottle you can’t see through. Shane plays video games, etc. All of that is pushed aside to tell something new. The Subplot for once isn’t Claire and Shane’s relationship, it’s Claire finding her strength. 5 STARS Concept- In a lot of ways the concept is the same as the plot/subplot. The machine that was running off Ada suddenly is hurting the Morganville residents instead of helping them. The idea of a machine controlling peoples minds when it comes to memories or being able to open portals that will transport you through them to different places in Morganville is interesting and creepy. A machine run from a dead vampire’s brain was weird but then the machine has to be rebuilt and sees to control memories. That’s freaky but interesting and unique. 5 STARS Cover Design- Finally we get a picture of Claire. She’s nothing like I imagined. The green does draw attention and white filagree on the edge adds to the appeal of the cover. 3 STARS Entertainment Level- I was marginally entertained. It wasn’t a stay up all night read, but I was intrigued enough to finish the book as opposed to ending the series here. There are still seven books in the series. I really want to finish the series, but if they continue to be this hard to get through, I may give up. 3 STARS Overall- 4 STARS