Debra Anastasia

Cover Design- The cover is very simple. Two hands and a hint at his tattoo. I would glance at this cover but I don’t see enough to make me want to pick it up. However it isn’t overly bad. 3 STARS

Concept- I’ve read many romance novels. There isn’t much that hasn’t been written about. That being said, I found the concept of this book to be fresh and original. Anastasia took the harsh reality of homelessness and shed a light on it. She shows how a simple encounter can affect not just your life but the life of those around you. 5 STARS

Plot/Subplot- This character driven story weaves a tale that the reader can’t help loving. Anastasia intertwines her plot and subplot suburbly. 4 STARS

Character Development- Anastasia writes her characters in a way you immediately fell their pain or their joy when you meet them. Blake is a tortured soul who lives only to count Livia’s smiles. The idea of a man whose only happiness is the smile of a woman is as enduring as it is sad. 5 STARS

Entertainment Level- I loved this book. It is the first in the series and very well written. My heart went out to Blake. I wanted to jump into the book and hold Blake. I couldn’t put this book down. I was thoroughly entertained. 5 STARS

Overall I give it 4 ½ STARS