School For Apes

Andrew McDonald

First Category: Cover Design The first thing you see when looking for something to read is the cover. If the cover is bland you won’t pick it up and read the back. Your cover should be eye catching with a hint on what the book is about without giving the story away. School for Apes teases you with what the story is about. The colors don’t overpower the images. The title blends everything together. This cover offers a look at the unique story within. For this I award five stars. 

Second category: Character Development McDonald opens up a world of monkeys that I never knew existed. He defines each species with enough detail for the reader to know what he is talking about. Even though the main character at the school was a human he didn’t make a big deal of it. The way he explains how everyone understand each other is unique and believable. At times I felt the monkeys were detailed a little too much and the main character needed a little more. Overall I give this four stars. 

Third Category: Concept This book is original and a fresh way to deal with a growing issue. McDonald has taken on bullying in a way that shows a bully seeing he is one by being bullied himself. I applaud you for this. I think this book needs to be read to every child. Five stars. 

Fourth Category: Plot and Subplot Every book has a plot with a subplot hidden within. It doesn’t overpower the plot though. In school for Apes McDonald has developed an engaging story that pulls the reader in. His subplot is subtle and doesn’t take away from his main storyline. He uses the main characters discovery of how he has behaved in the past subtly. Five stars. 

Final Category: Entertainment Level When people pick up a book it is to escape reality or to go on an adventure. For the reader to feel this the book has to entertain and keep their attention. As an avid reader I love a stay up all night kind of read. School For Apes is a good book to help children realize they are bully’s. The way McDonald has dealt with this pressing issue without shoving it in the readers face makes this a must read for children. I didn’t stay up all night with this book, but I enjoyed it. I give it four stars

Overall I give School For Apes a 4 ½ star rating. This book is plot driven and is a good read.