Secrets Within Her Recovered

Letresa Payne

Raine Jackson returns in the exhilarating sequel to “Daughter Cry No More.” Raine is being plagued by terrifying nightmares, visions, and voices of ghosts from the past she seems destined to be unable to escape. She meets a mysterious man named Christophe who sets in motion a whirlwind of events connecting her to a spirit of the past. Death and destruction seem to follow Raine everywhere. Fearing for her own life and safety of her sister, China, Raine knows she must find a way to put a stop to the Jackson Curse that has tormented her family for over a century. She wants peace for her family, but there’s one big problem, “Raine has a secret.” And the reader will be spellbound seeking to find out what it is as suspense and intrigue fill every page. The author has done a captivating job in following on the success of the first book by keeping up the deep emotional angst, the heart-wrenching and soul-stirring drama so prevalent in the first book. Readers have definitely found a heroine they can love and perhaps in some way relate to in Raine Jackson. She is not without flaws or those Jekyll-Hyde like conscience wranglings that make us root all the more that she would break the curse and find the peace and “freedom” she has long sought.