Shannon Simpson Author and Book Reviewer

As an Author, I know how important a review is when it comes to promoting and advertising your book. The problem so often is that reviewers are so quick to point out all that is wrong with a book, it’s story or the author’s writing style. Yes, these factors are important, but I know too that we all possess our own story-telling and writing styles and I can appreciate that above anything else.

It is important to keep opinions of inadequacy out of a review and rather, point it out to the author directly while keeping an open mind and focus on the book itself.

Every story is unique. Each story-teller is exceptional, and even though it has been told a thousand times before, I, a reader, can so appreciate each version that is brought forward into the world.

I know the value of focusing on the effort, time and commitment put into bringing your book to life. More than that, I want your book out there and I want you to succeed in bringing more books to readers. I want the world to read again! I want every other author who bleeds into his book, to thrive.