Slumber Party

Christopher Pike

Cover Design-There is nothing about this cover that stands out. For the time period it was published 1985, it was standard. Simple. 1 star

Concept- group of friends get together for the first time since some terrible accident years before. There’s always a new member to the group with a mysterious pat. Once everyone is together at the rich friends house strange things start happening then one of them wants revenge for what happened the last time they had a slumber party. Sound familiar? If you’ve read any of Christopher Pike’s work from the 80’s it should. 2 stars

Plot/Subplot- As I said with Concept, the plot is pretty much the same in Pike’s early work. I haven’t read anything current from him so it could still be that way. As for the subplot that doesn’t change either. There’s always a hint of romance amongst the revenge. The only difference is the group of friends and what the revenge is for. 2 stars

Character Development- Sadly the characters don’t change overly much between books. Just the names mainly. The characters have no depth. Nothing about them leave a lasting impression with me. I want to remember the characters long after the book is done. I want to be invested in how their lives turn out. 1 star

Entertainment Level- I was mildly entertained. Mainly I jut wanted the story to end. When i’m reading a good book I want it to go on forever. 2 stars.

Overall rating– 1 ½ stars