The Chronicles of Cypuric

Evan Johnson

Cover Design- The bright colors and animated look of the cover jumps out at you. The dragon practically jumps off the page at you. I would definitely stop and pick this book up. A well deserved 5 Stars. 

Character Development- Johnson brings here characters to light in a way that instantly endure them to you. They behave the way you’d expect a teenager to be whether they are humans or dragons. I would have liked for Kira to be defined a little more as she learned the truth about herself. 4 ½ Stars 

Concept- Johnson has a fresh storyline in this book. So many genres are over done these days, but Johnson has put an exciting new spin on things. The idea that dragons can be humans in disguise is unusual, I feel teenagers will enjoy it. 4 Stars 

Plot and Subplot- The Chronicles of Cypuric is unusual and unique. I have never read anything remotely similar. There were a few things I felt could use more explanation. The way the main character easily accepted her new reality could use more explanation. The subplot needed a little more time in the book, but ultimately could come into play in future books. 4 stars 

Entertainment Level- The Chronicles of Cypuric will appeal to teenagers looking for a quick read. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next installment. For anyone who likes dragons and wants a quick read, this book is for them. 4 Stars