The Cinderella Rules

Donna Kauffman

Cover Design- The cover is simple yet the glass slipper definitely catches the eye. Of course that’s because I am a fan of Cinderella books. If I weren’t I’d have glanced at it but probably not picked it up to read the back cover. 3 Stars

Concept-Darby, a wealthy woman who ran away from Washington society to a ranch in Montana, lets  her flighty sister con her into returning to help her out for a week. Before Darby can reenter society she spends a few days with the Fairy Godmothers being plucked, waxed and groomed. She meets the godson of one of the Godmothers accidentally and he is quick to sweep her of her feet. So far I’m intrigued and drawn in to the story. Unfortunately it went down hill from there. Throw in a hotter than hot bad guy, spys and dirty deals and it gets to much within the story. Sometimes less is more. The only parts written within that mess were the comedy of the Fairy Godmothers. 2 stars

Plot/Subplot- The main plot- Darby reentering society ad meeting Shane and the Fairy Godmothers. The Subplot- The spys and dirty dealings that take away from the plot. It was like Kauffman didn’t know where she wanted to go with the story and decided to throw in needless drama to make the book longer.  2 stars

Character Development- on this i’m split. It begins good. Kauffman introduces Darby and Shane in a way the reader can relate to them. Then she continues introducing characters to the point it becomes monotonous. I started skimming paragraphs at one point because I wanted to know what happened with Darby and Shane but was bored with the rest of it. Too many characters with too much information can take away from the story. 1 star

Entertainment Level- I skipped and skimmed through a good bit of it. I wanted to finish it but I almost gave up many times. I wasn’t entertained at ll. It took all I could muster to finish it. I hate not to finish a book. 1 star

Overall rating 1 ½ stars