The Custodian Circle of Sorrows

CA Middleton

First Category: Cover Design

From the moment I saw this cover I have wanted to read it. It isn’t overly flashy yet still draws the eye. I wanted to know why this wisp of a girl is looking out the window and who she was waiting for. Five Stars!

Second Category: Character Development

Middleton doesn’t tell you all about his characters all at once. He lets you get to know each one slowly as if you have made a new friend and are learning about their life as you get to know each other. Each character has a distinct personality that endears them to the reader or annoys the reader. His characters are almost life like to the reader. Five stars well earned.

Third Category: Concept

Middleton has written a book with a storyline unlike any I have read. The Concept of a Custodian overseeing a place is unique and unexpected. I am happy to give this five stars!

Fourth Category: Plot and Subplot

Middleton’s plot is unlike anything I have read. The way he immerses the reader into his characters every day lives. I honestly did not see the ending coming until I was almost finished reading. His plot leaves you wanting to know more. This book’s gripping dialog and characters make you want to keep reading. I found myself saying one more chapter until I was finished. The plot of this book left me guessing right up to the very end. Five stars!

Fifth Category: Entertainment Level

I found The Custodian Circle of Sorrows to be very entertaining. When a book has me saying one more page, one more chapter. It is the way a book should be. I will recommend this book to everyone. Five stars well earned!

I happily give The Custodian Circle of Sorrows five stars. Middleton has written a memorable book that the reader will never forget. C A Middleton is an author to watch. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.