The First Fairy Tale Book 1 & 2

Dr. Susan Highsmith

Cover Design-The cover for both are colorful and eye catching. They hint to the story within without giving it away. 5 stars

Concept– I found the idea for the First Fairy Tale series to be unique. I’ve never read anything like it. The idea of telling your children the story of how they come to be in this way is a wonderful unique idea. 5 stars

Plot/Sub-Plot– The way Highsmith delicately tells the story of how we each came to be is a unique way for parents to tell their children. At some point every child asks how they were made. Highsmith has given parents the perfect way to answer that age old question. 5 Stars

Entertainment Level-These books are quick easy reads that parents should share with their children. It is fun and educational. 5 Stars.

I give both books 5 Stars. This series is a must for all families. Your children will enjoy learning about how they came to be.