The Freiyon Fables A Tail to Remember

Justin T. Hunt

Cover Design– The cover for Tail to Remember has just enough on it to hint at the story within. If I were walking through a bookstore looking for a book for my child, I’d pick this one up. 4 stars

Concept-I found the Concept of this book cute and interesting. Telling a story from the point of view of an animal who has escaped from a zoo is an unusual idea. The way he met new animals as he journeyed was cute and interesting. I think children will enjoy the book. 4 Stars

Plot/Sub-Plot– I found the plot flowed quickly with Micklang from the moment he escaped the story was adventure after adventure. 4 Stars

Character Development-I liked the way Hunt took a character that behaved the way a character should and reformed them after they met Micklang. Like the lion. It almost felt like Hunt was inadvertently teaching the reader as he was teaching the character it was okay to change. Just because the lion was a lion didn’t mean it had to behave as a lion. It was a unique way of teaching it was okay to be different. 4 stars

Entertainment Level– This book wasn’t something I would normally read, but I do think it is a good book for middle grade readers. I think it would make a great TV show. I can see Micklang having new adventures every day. Children could learn so much from Micklang. 4 stars

Overall 4 Stars